Silver Rain

Packing up for CraftBoston 2017

My last show for 2017. Silver Rain (featured image above) is one of the last pieces to be packed up in the bins for the 2017 CraftBoston. It's one of the "Broken Platter" wall pieces I premiered last year, and will be on display and for sale.  This year's pieces feature gold leafing, silver and pearl scenes against a woodfired background.  They look great in any room, alone or in clusters. Hope to see you at Boston Convention center sometime this weekend.     [caption id="attachment_21819" align="alignnone" width="300"] Packing up for CraftBoston[/caption]...

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Belle Chalice

CraftBoston 2017

My last show of the year, CraftBoston, is around the corner. I will be previewing a new cup - "Belle" - inspired by the original CHALICE series, an interactive installation of 100 vessels which was on display at the NARS Gallery in New York as part of the 2012 Locating the Sacred Festival.  The audience was encouraged to take the vessels off their pedestals, feel them and even drink tea out of them. This series is porcelain and celadon, with a Chinese-style under-painting.  These will be part of the member preview as well. Belle, and a selection of new woodfired pieces, will...

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Frost. Wild Clay

Brooklyn Museum Fine Craft Show

It's that time of year again. I will be participating in the Brooklyn Museum Fine Craft Show for the fourth year, coming up this weekend, on November 18th and 19th. This year, I am honored to be selected as the featured artist in this little article on the show: I will be bringing all wood-fired work that was recently fired, including some new gold-foil Broken Platters (wall pieces) and this showcase vase, which is 19" high and 15" wide (obviously doesn't look that big in the picture).  I’m hoping that you will be in the mood to venture out, see some beautiful things (you...

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Booth pictures from Brooklyn

We had a good turnout at our two craft shows in Brooklyn.  Thank you to all who showed up.  Since many of these pieces are new, I'm posting pictures so you can see what you missed. A few of these monsters are still available.  If you are interested, drop me a line.   [caption id="attachment_21093" align="alignnone" width="681"] The Chalice display. I am bring what is left to the cup sale at the Asian American Arts Alliance Pop Up Market December 17th.[/caption]     [caption id="attachment_21090" align="alignnone" width="682"] These wave bottles in the new Gem series are beautiful. They look beautiful in sets, or with a...

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Visions in Clay 2015- Transverse

      "Transverse" was accepted in a jury show- The Visions in Clay at San Joaquin Delta College. It is on exhibit at LH Horton Jr Gallery between August 20th - September 17th, 2015. Opening reception is August 27th, 5-7PM. Transverse is a multi-day wood fire in a Naborigama style kiln. Thrown on a wheel in one single ring, cut and altered. Porcelain, with under glaze and slip.     ...

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Brooklyn Museum Fine Craft Show comes to an end

The show was a great success! It was great to be showing my work amongst so many incredible artists. Aside from seeing old and new friends, I was also interviewed by ICNTV network. I was not prepared to talk about pottery in Mandarin, so I did it in English! Thank you to all who came and who adopted the monsters. Back to the studio! ...

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Heart money

The best thing about shows is the chance to meet people and watch them fall in love with the new monsters.  Today at the Brooklyn Museum Fine Craft show, a young woman came by the booth…three times.  She had fallen in love with Reiko's favorite vase, Wobble.  When she made up her mind to take it home with her, she paid in cash with a folded $20 bill she had been given for her wedding.  We are keeping it folded… a reminder that Wobble has found the right home!     ...

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