A reminder that I will be at the Brooklyn Museum Fine Craft Show on Nov. 22nd and 23rd. I hope to see you there, and if you can’t make it but have some pottery-loving friends, please share this email.  It looks like a good show overall, with music and featured sculptors and free admission to the rest of the museum.Meanwhile, take a look.  To see some of the kinds of work I will be showing, you can:

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Chalice and Couples pieces will be available (they have their own pages on the website), and also a kiln full of wood-fired new work that I will post pictures of…on my blog? So much to do! Or on the Facebook pages.  So take a look around.  Here is a peek at a couple of the new monsters, below.

GALAXY, wood-fired bottle/bud vase, shark-skin shino and violite glaze. 8 inches tall.


HAPPY BUDDHA and friends, sake set.  Carafe 5″ high by 4″ wide. JIZO cups, 2.75″ wide by 2″ high.
If you don’t drink sake, the carafe doubles as a small vase and the cups can be used for tea, liquor, or as spice bowls. Wood-fired, glazed with Korean celadon, slip, with feldspar crystals.

Happy Buddha

LIP, because…well, the lip!  I have five of these, all different.  This one is about 12 inches in diameter, 5 inches high.  Shark-skin shino glaze.
The first LIP bowl, which was also my first ever show entry, in the Tokyo-New York Friendship Ceramic Competition, was an accident.  I was making a regular bowl and it started to slump so I quickly hung it upside down.  Getting the hang of these, and loving the different ways they hang!

2014 Lip