Let’s Go Brooklyn weekend- Get a sneak peak at CHALICE

Let’s Go Brooklyn weekend- Get a sneak peak at CHALICE

Come see my newest work in Sunset Park! 


On September 8 & 9, the NARS Foundation is teaming up with the Brooklyn Museum’s GO Project, a community-curated open studio weekend event taking place in neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn. There are over 50 artist studios to visit at NARS. Come check out one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant art scenes and VOTE for your favorite artists! Visit the GO website for more information: www.gobrooklynart.org


On Saturday, September 8th from 2- 4 PM, NARS will be celebrating the Go Project with an afternoon of special events.  Join us for readers Ed Lin, Anelise Chen and Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, from the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, as well as a spoken word performance by Buendia, a local grassroots Sunset Park artists collective. In conjunction with their upcoming exhibition, Interpreting Rituals: The Butterfly Effect, an exploration of what is sacred in our contemporary society, visitors can also enjoy drinks from a set of exhibited ceramic clay vessels by Ming Yuen-Schat, as seen here on this website – check out the preview on the left!


The New York Art Residency & Studios (NARS) Foundation

GO: A Community Curated

Open Studio Project

Organized by the Brooklyn Museum

 NARS Community Program:  September 8th ; 2 – 4 PM


For further information,

please contact us at info@narsfoundation.org or 718-768-2765.

NARS Foundation

88 35th Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11232



Locating the Sacred

We are excited to participate in the Locating the Sacred Festival. The NARS Foundation is delighted to present a two week interactive exhibition and film screening on view from September  10  through September  22. Join us for a full day of Saturday Programming on September 15. Spend the afternoon at NARS for an Artist Talk and Reception as well as an artist led meditation session, a clay workshop for children and families and a chance to enjoy drinks from a set of exhibited ceramic vessels.