These cups are made out of porcelain, and hand dipped in watercolor pastel glazes.  Each one is thrown on the wheel, then hand-altered and scored.  No two are the same.  Perfect for intimate sipping (apertifs, cordials, sake), wine or even tea. 

Mix and match colors and styles to suit your mood: 

“Giggle” sippers bubble up from the surface. 5 oz. 

“Cuddle” cups have small waists you can hug in your hand.  6-7 oz. 

“Pinch” tumblers are inspired by the petals of a flower.  Each one is pinched, leaving two indentations for hooking your fingers into.  6-7 oz. 

A fun gift for weddings, Valentine’s Day, or beautify your next party in pastels. 


Copyright alert!

Several of these photos (the ones that look like they came out of a magazine: 1, 3, 5, and 7 in the slide show) are credited to the very talented photographer, John H. Searcy. Thank you, John, for your “Still Ceramic” series.