This holiday season you can find a selection of colorful monsters at the Gordon Fine Arts Gallery in Stamford Connecticut, which opened last week.



In addition to a selection of items from the Chalice and Elemental collections, the Gordon grouping includes two Sanctuary vases, and two other large vases, including Rushing Water:

rushingwaterRUSHING WATER
– Fired on its side in a wood-fired kiln (noborigama) for two days, the main feature of this vase is the fluctuating blue rivulets that run sideways through the throw rings as the glaze runs with gravity in the kiln. The ash that fell on the “top” of the vase during the firing creates a turbulence, reminiscent of tiny luminescent organisms in the ocean. The blue becomes more cloudy and opaque as it travels, and separates into white and black as it gets pulled into the eddy of the four shells where the vase rested in the kiln. This is truly a 360o vase, with many options for display. Thrown on the wheel and hand altered and scored, it also features ash glaze on the base.










wood-fired_santuary5__ceramic_porcelain-copySANCTUARY.  This vase evokes marshes, grasslands, cranes hiding in the reeds. Wood-fired in a two day noborigama kiln, with underglaze and celadon, then refired with gold luster.