These elegant cups are inspired by CHALICE, an interactive installation of 100 vessels which was on display at the NARS Gallery in New York as part of the 2012 Locating the Sacred Festival.  The audience was encouraged to take the vessels off their pedestals, feel them and even drink tea out of them.

Each cup is individually shaped from porcelain clay and glazed in celadon.  Each bears the fingermarks  of its maker. The pink blush on some of the cups is the result of the firing, in which a piece near the cup flashed copper onto the Chalice. Like all of Ming’s monsters each family of cups has a name.

Redesigned for your home, your Chalice will make any moment special – whether a cup of juice to greet the morning or an intimate nightcap with the one you love.

All of which are non-toxic, dishwasher-safe and great for hot and cold beverages.