It’s that time of year again. I will be participating in the Brooklyn Museum Fine Craft Show for the fourth year, coming up this weekend, on November 18th and 19th. This year, I am honored to be selected as the featured artist in this little article on the show:

I will be bringing all wood-fired work that was recently fired, including some new gold-foil Broken Platters (wall pieces) and this showcase vase, which is 19″ high and 15″ wide (obviously doesn’t look that big in the picture).  I’m hoping that you will be in the mood to venture out, see some beautiful things (you can visit the new Rodin exhibit and other Brooklyn museum exhibits with your ticket) and support a local small business (me). I would be very happy to see you.



Starry Night hanging tile

Starry Night


Glacier Hanging Vase


And you can order tickets online for a $2 discount here: 


Please mark your calendars, and if you are out of town or not able to stop by to say hi, please forward the information to any friends who might enjoy the work.  I will also be finishing out the year in Boston at Craft Boston Holiday, at the Hynes Convention Center on December 15th-17th. This is my second year at Craft Boston.  In case you are in that area or have friends who are, I would be very happy to see you and your friends in Boston.